Gaming mousepad Control | EXTREME

Gaming mousepad Control | EXTREME

    Clean, elegant design. Special 'control pad' finishes designed mainly for gamers who like precision and accuracy. It affects the perfectly controlled slip and precise focus of each pixel.
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    Product Description

    Gaming mousepad DEV1S CONTROL

    The DEV1S CONTROL game pad will impress you at first sight with its clean and elegant design. The specially developed "control pad" surface is designed for players who like precision and accuracy.

    At the same time, this type of material prevents damage of the glides (mouse skates) on your gaming mouse. It allows perfectly controlled slip and precise targeting of each pixel, regardless of the type or sensitivity of the sensor used.

    With it, you will take full advantage of high resolution (DPI) and fast shooting.

    This unique pad allows you to capture every, even the small movement of your hand, with the same consistency and accuracy.

    Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 2 mm

    ! CONTROL - Rougher surface, Slower glide

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    Elegant design

    High Quality material

    Durable surface

    Stability on the table

    Suitable for every kind of game

    In cooperation with professionals

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