Gaming glasses WALLHACK

Gaming glasses WALLHACK

    The new DEV1S WALLHACK represents a combination of lightweight, thin materials, attractive design and high quality glasses. It guarantees qualities that make the Wallhack the best that DEV1S has introduced.
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    Gaming glasses WALLHACK

    The most comfortable gaming glasses in market. This boasts the new DEV1S Wallhack, which has an incredibly lightweight and comfortable design that won't let you feel even under the tightest headphones.

    Of course there is 100% UV protection and excellent filtering of blue light. The key function of our glasses remains unchanged - ensuring you better observe the enemy and thus improve your reaction time. Now even without the uncomfortable feeling of pushing on your head!

    A key feature in addition to high-quality glasses that guarantees comfort for your eyes and head. This is guaranteed by the new DEV1S Wallhack with its perfectly designed body and frames. While maintaining our latest gamer glass, this connection is absolutely perfect for all passionate players as well as normal computer users during the day or especially at the evening.


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