Gaming Glasses TITAN

Gaming Glasses TITAN

    New, improved gaming glasses. Special durable frame that lasts even the most severe use and elegant design. They combine the highest quality with modern upgrades!
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    Product Description

    The new model of the popular gamer variant is finally here! Enhanced glass gamer, a special durable frame that lasts even the most severe use and elegant design. All this and much more combines the Titan model, which, after long preparation is available at the market.

    The new gamer variant of our glasses is determined by the most demanding player, requiring the perfect performance in the game and excellent reaction time. We have moved the perfectly balanced glasses to the next level. The finer shade, which continues to provide extreme contrast enhancement, will bring even greater comfort to your eyes.

    Of course, 100% UV protection and excellent blue light filtering are a must. However, the key feature of our glasses remains unchanged - it will provide you with a better view of the enemy and thus improve your reaction time to a new level. Enhanced anti-reflective coatings ensure eliminating unwanted reflections.

    Increased brightness /

    Enhanced ability to see
    objects against the background

    Maximal visual

    Prevents light to release
    the eye muscles

    The protective layer
    keeps the moisture of the eyes

    and anti-glare coatings

    Durable and hard coating
    retains optical

    Made with QVisionTM
    proprietary lens

    Light transmittance
    adapted to eliminate stress

    Protects against
    tiring blue light

    100% UV protection

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