Gaming glasses Diopter Gamer

Gaming glasses Diopter Gamer


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Gaming glasses Diopter Gamer

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    The frameless version of DIOPTER is specifically designed for wearers of dioptric spectacles. It's a clip that makes it possible to convert your own dioptric glasses to DEV1S.
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    The GAMER glass is designed especially for demanding players who require perfect performance in the game and excellent reaction time. A special yellow glass will maximize your performance and help you reach a whole new level of gaming. Their key function is to improve the contrast, ensure better enemy observation and improve response time. Thanks to their excellent properties for brightening objects, they are also often used for driving in twilight and darkness or in the army and at shooting ranges. 100% UV protection and blue light filtering is a matter of course. You will understand the real meaning of the Gamer label as soon as you try it by yourself. Yellow amber glass will bring your gaming to a whole new dimension.

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