For goods you find unsatisfactory, the law provides for a 14-day time limit for returning the goods without indicating a reason. We will also be happy to help you if you want to have the goods replaced with those better suited to your needs. If you want to use either of the two options above or make a complaint about defective goods, please proceed as follows:

  1. Before sending the goods, please contact us at the following email address, indicating the reason of the complaint (unless you are returning the goods within the statutory time limit).
  2. Carefully pack the goods in their original packaging and send them to Topolská 953, Chrudim, 537 05.
  3. After we receive the goods, we will contact you via email within 30 days at the latest to inform you on how your complaint has been dealt with.


Please note that all returns are subject to a check. Your complaint or replacement will not be accepted if the goods are not properly and safely packed, ideally in the original packaging, in which they were delivered to you. DEV1S will not bear any responsibility for damage to the goods that occurs during the transport back to us.

If the goods are returned damaged or worn beyond the normal wear-and-tear caused by the user when trying to get to know their properties, or if they are returned without the accessories, the seller may claim the damages incurred or refuse to comply with their defect liability obligations (complaint rejected).